University of Oklahoma  |  Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability

Literature Aloud

Here at the studio we record abridged readings of texts related to the geo-humanities.The aim of this ongoing project is to circulate and otherwise expand awareness of work being done relevant to the research concerns of geo-humanists.Please feel free to stream directly or download.

Allen, John. 2016. Topologies of Power: Beyond territory and networks. New York: Routledge.

(Read by Nicholas Bauch)


Tuan, Yi-Fu. 1998. Escapism. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press.

(Read by Nicholas Bauch at the graduate seminar Contemporary Geographic Thought)


Bauch, Nicholas. 2016. The Present of Silicon Valley's Future Wasteland. Paper read at the conference of the American Association of Geographers, San Francisco, CA.

(Read by Nicholas Bauch)