University of Oklahoma | Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability


GeoHumanities: Published by Routledge. Founded in 2015 as a major initiative of the American Association of Geographers, the flagship journal of the discipline aims to a forum which academics and practitioners across the arts and humanities can meet to explore various topics in a geographic lens.

Digital Humanities Publishing 

DHCommons Journal: Published by centerNet. An online only journal, DHCommons focuses on publishing work focused on solely digital projects in the humanities. Most of the journal's focus is on sharing techniques and ways in which to create better DH projects. 

Kairos. One of the first online only academic journals (started in 1996), this publication issues articles about the rhetoric and composition of online media. Regular editions are published bi-annually with a third special issue published annually. 

Journal of Electronic Publishing: University of Michigan Press. An open access journal focused on the development and analysis of new digital publishing technologies, the journal is a mixture of a scholar and trade journal. Through an analysis of the changing electronic publishing, the goal is to advance digital scholarship. 

Digital Arts Publishing 

ASAP Journal: Published by Johns Hopkins University Press. Publishes work related to contemporary art/media/literary/performance art post-1960 in a wide variety of formats. The journal aspires to be a meeting grounds for critics from both the humanities and the arts community. 

Cabinet: Published by Immaterial Incorporated, a non-profit based in NYC. A journal focused on the intersection of art and culture. 

International Journal for Digital Arts History. Based in Germany, this biannual journal focuses on publishing about digitally created art and its histories.

Geography, Design, & Planning (alternatively known as GeoDesign) 

New Geographies: Published by Harvard University Press. The journal "aims to examine the emergence of the geographic—a new but for the most part latent paradigm in design today—to articulate it and bring it to bear effectively on the agency of design." To these ends recent issues have focused on the Geographies of Information, the physical landform of the Island, and the various Scales of Earth. 

Berkeley Planning Journal: Published by the University of California, Berkeley. Based out the Department of City and Regional Planning, the journal is the academic voice of the graduate students of department. Focus of the journal changes with each issue, but always revolves around planning principles. 

Landscape and Urban Planning: Published by Elsevier. Publishing at the nexus of the planning/design and sustainability, this journal aims to publish interdisciplinary scholarship that addresses various ways in which sustainable development can be implemented and viewed.  

Landscape Architecture Magazine: Published by the American Society of Landscape Architects. The journal of record for the American landscape architecture profession, the magazine aims to advance the discipline through the work that it publishes. 

Places Journal. With a focus on architecture, landscape architecture, and urbanism; Places Journal pulls from a deep history of critical commentary on the development of the human-altered and designed environment It publishes not only full length academic pieces but also reading lists and exhibition reviews centered around relevant topics. 


Aether: The Journal of Media Geography: Published by the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, California State University-Northridge. Aims to explore all aspects of geography in the media, the production of geographic medias, and other topics specifically related. 

ARID: A Journal of Desert Art, Design and Ecology: Consortium of university publishers in the Southwestern US and Southern California. Currently on hiatus. With a focus on desert landscapes, this journal focuses on publishing scholar pieces of work on the pedagogies, politics, practices, and perspectives of the desert landscape. 

The Collective Quarterly. An innovate, print-only magazine that focuses specifically on one desert area at a time. Their team of reporters travels to one region to truly understand it in its entirety, focusing on many different aspects of the physical and human world. 

Focus on Geography: American Geographical Society. Relaunched in 2016, this now digital-only publication publishes shorter geographic pieces, with a more general audience. The revitalized journal also incorporates interactive media and maps into its articles. 

You are Here: The Journal of Creative Geography: Published by the University of Arizona School of Geography and Development. An annual graduate-led publication, this journal seeks to infuse geography into the creative arts around themes set for the publication annually.

Cultural/Historical/Social Geographies & Allied Fields: 

Buildings & Landscapes: Journal of the Vernacular Architecture Forum: University of Minnesota Press. A classic journal in the field of interdisciplinary architecture studies, it has long been a forum where historians, preservationists, geographers, and anthropologists share and exchange ideas about the built environment 

Literary Geographies. Founded in 2015 this new, online only, open access journal focuses on geographies of literature. Pulling from an interdisciplinary perspective, it seeks to unite scholars of literature and geography around the core themes of spatial theory, cultural geography, and literary studies.

Journal of Historical Geography: Published by Elsevier. This journal connects historical geographers and environmental historians around historical topics across space and time. 


BayGeog Journal: Published online only. With an emphasis on the Bay Area of California, this semi-annual journal focuses on the varied geographic experiences of the Bay Area. A hybrid journal, it accepts submissions from across society include academics, journalists, private individuals, and businesses. 

Public Culture: Published by Duke University Press. Focuses on the exploration the culture of places in today's era of globalization. Accepts articles that focus on the political, social, and cultural changes happening in micro-geographies around the world. 

Southern Spaces: Published by Emory University Center for Digital Scholarship. Geographically focused on the American South and its global connections, this digital only publication explores the historical, geographical, and cultural connotations of the region in all its facets.  

Steinbeck Review: Published by Penn State Press. Soley focused on the works and societal connections of famed American author John Steinbeck. Journal is published bi-annually. 

Visible Language Journal: Published by the University of Cincinnati Press. Journal publishes in the area of visual communication both in terms of research and practice. Papers range from theoretical inquires to user experience investigations. 

Visual Communication Quarterly: Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. A "journal of research, theory, and practical criticism within all areas of visual communications;" the journal works to improve visual communication worldwide across the fields of visual communication/studies, photojournalism, and graphic design.