Call for Participants
Building the Geo-Humanities: A Roundtable on Three Dimensions of Educational Practice

American Association of Geographers' Annual Conference
April 10-14, 2018 |  New Orleans, La.

Video critique in the Experimental Geography Studio, for the class  Introduction to Geo-Humanities , University of Oklahoma, April 2017.

Video critique in the Experimental Geography Studio, for the class Introduction to Geo-Humanities, University of Oklahoma, April 2017.

As the field of Geo-Humanities coalesces into a distinct scholarly agenda, faculty members have begun to translate its concepts and methods into three scales of leadership: classroom pedagogy, syllabus creation, and institutional curricular development.  In particular, as instructors bring pedagogical approaches more frequently associated with the creative arts into geography departments, what is this doing to inherited classroom design, modes of assessment, and the building of degree programming?  This roundtable discussion invites faculty and teachers at all levels (from high school to graduate school) to propose and flesh out a single discussion point, observation, or challenge from their own practice that helps us collectively articulate ways to ground Geo-Humanities scholarship in everyday institutional settings.  One of the best ways to advance research in our sub-field is to gain clarity on how the act of “doing” Geo-Humanities is embodied and projected to students.  Each participant’s discussion point will cue the group for a conversation with both breadth and depth.  Discussion points might include, but are not limited to, participatory geography, media labs, critical GIS, data science, studio arts, instructional technology, classroom vibe, institutional program building, digital humanities, library partnerships, or extramural collaborations.

Sponsorship from the Cultural Geography Specialty Group, and the Digital Geographies Specialty Group will be sought for this panel.

To apply: Please email the conveners by October 20, 2017 with your CV and a paragraph (250 words max) describing 1) your role in teaching the GeoHumanities, and 2) your proposed single discussion point.

Conveners: Nicholas Bauch (University of Oklahoma / and Garrett Dash Nelson (Dartmouth College /

Keywords: Geo-Humanities, pedagogy, curriculum, leadership, media lab