University of Oklahoma  |  Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability


Geo-Humanities Film Series, 2017

In this film series, we explore the the roles a diverse group of filmmakers play in responding to complex social and environmental issues. Co-organized by Angela Person ( and Laurel Smith ( Join us!


Liquid City (2007)

Wednesday, February 22 @ 4:00pm
Sarkeys room 543

Presented by Nicholas Bauch

How can geographers mobilize film to examine urban water justice? Prominent geographer Matthew Gandy does just that with his look at the Indian city of Mumbai.


My Choice (2015) and DV/IPV 2013 Fatalities Map (2016)

Thursday, March 30 @ 5:00pm
Sarkeys room 543

Presented by Ashley Swamy and Diana Derry

For Swamy's thesis chapter, click the "related readings" button.
For Derry's story map, click HERE.

How do the geohumanities intersect with feminist geography? Join us as two geography Master of Arts students address this question through their multimedia thesis work.


2501 Migrants: A Journey (2009)

Monday, April 24 @ 4:00pm
Sarkeys room 543

Presented by Laurel Smith

Is it possible to represent a transborder community? An Indigenous filmmaker explores how an Indigenous artist tackles this task with sculpture.