University of Oklahoma  |  Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability

GEOGRAPHY 1123: Intro to Geo-Humanities

Spring 2018 |  Professor Nicholas Bauch

3 credit hours  |  T&R 3:00-4:15

Meets elective and/or liberal arts requirement


What is Geo-Humanities?

"The meeting of geography with the creative arts."

In this introductory course, students practice in various media--photography, digital/web, sculpture, performance, and creative writing--to address concerns in geographical thought.  Students should bring an interest in political ecology, map-making, environment-society relations, urban studies, description of places, and/or environmental justice. The class is project-oriented and prepares students to major or minor in geography.

In the field of Geo-Humanities, exploration is emphasized just as much as the hypothesis of the project. We start with a topic of interest and a preferred medium, then we go wherever the project takes us.

To assist students with their projects, they have access to the Experimental Geography Studio, equipped with white-erase boards, large-screen TVs connected to Mac Minis, iMacs and PCs, a lounging area, snacks, and plenty of table space.  Additionally, Studio staff can advise students on their projects.

Spring of 2017 - Class working on programing Arduino's for a project.

Spring of 2017 - Class working on programing Arduino's for a project.

Students who pursue studies in Geo-Humanities will leave with leadership skills (visioning, project management, and team-building), creative and flexible thinking, and the ability to adjust and adapt to a changing environment. They may pursue jobs in the environmental sector, NGOs, the political sphere, technology start-ups, the museum industry, as well as teaching and further education such as Doctoral Studies, Law School, Design School, and Business School.

Martin Hill and Phillippa Jones, 2014. From

Martin Hill and Phillippa Jones, 2014. From

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