"(Slightly) off the beaten path: the design of a cartographic career" by Jake Coolidge

18 Apr. 2018

Jake Coolidge, a cartographer at the National Park Service, discussed how design thinking and the development of an individual cartographic voice have played key roles in the evolution of his mapmaking practice.

Seldom working exclusively in one medium or style of mapmaking, Coolidge has examined cartographic design problems from multiple angles, responding to the affordances and constraints of media as disparate as interactive web maps to maps drawn with ink on paper. Coolidge plotted his unique career path in a broad arc, closely examining key works he has completed along the way and specific design choices made for each. In addition, he discussed important threads that connect and inform these works, not least of which is the agency of the individual in shaping a map's outcome, which can be applied with humility and respect to create compelling and responsible maps.

Jake Coolidge also held a Tea Hour workshop. Information on the workshop can be found here.