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Parque Aquatico Oaxtepec, 50 miles south of Mexico City. Photo by Nicholas Bauch, 2011.

Parque Aquatico Oaxtepec, 50 miles south of Mexico City. Photo by Nicholas Bauch, 2011.

What Is It?

The Experimental Geography Studio is an entity I founded in 2016.  It is a crystallization of, and catalyst for, the deepest enduring currents of my professional life as an academic geographer and practicing artist.  The studio operates as both a solo workspace and as a gathering place for collaborations among artists and scholars interested in the intersection of art and geography.  As such, this website is an archive of my own projects and processes—functioning as an online version of my research paths—as well as a bulletin board for events that colleagues or I organize under the rubric of Art & Geography.  The Studio’s brick & mortar home is Minneapolis, in the Department of Art at the University of Minnesota.  We welcome people from places far and wide to join us via video conference or other means of virtual participation.



by Nicholas Bauch

The Experimental Geography Studio fosters the meeting of human geography with the visual arts. We are in an age of knowledge production defined by an intense agnosticism toward medium.  The power of visual language continuously intermingles with text, virtual environments, and electronic objects in our everyday lives.  It is seldom obvious that words on paper are the best way to effectively persuade and communicate, nor obvious that streams of images on smart phones are either.  The Experimental Geography Studio, therefore, experiments with various mediums to answer 1) how a medium carries out (i.e. does) geographical research, and 2) how a medium carries (i.e. communicates) geographical arguments in new ways.  Through building new forms, insights about the subject matter emerge.  The Studio values risk-taking and novel approaches to unraveling and expressing social-environmental problems of all kinds.  What visual, tactile, sonic, and performative forms might human geography take?

A Little About the Director

Nicholas Bauch is a Master of Fine Arts candidate in the Department of Art at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.  He holds a Ph.D. in Geography (2010) from the University of California-Los Angeles, where he specialized in cultural and historical geography.  He is author of Enchanting the Desert (2016, Stanford University Press), and A Geography of Digestion (2017, University of California Press).  Prior to pursuing an M.F.A. degree, he was founding faculty director of the Experimental Geography Studio at the University of Oklahoma, the Studio’s first home.  He has taught geography, photography, history, and language at six universities since 2004. Between 2012 and 2016, he was a scholar at Stanford University’s digital humanities research center.

Full C.V. available here.

Here below you can view a guest lecture given by Dr. Nicholas Bauch, our studio director, at Carleton University on the 10th of January 2017.

In this lecture he touches on what Geo-Humanities is and describes his publication Enchanting the Desert.

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

Credits go to Carleton University