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Creative Environmental Writing Contest

Manipulated image from: Glacken, Clarence J. 1967.  Traces on the Rhodian Shore . Berkeley: University of California Press.

Manipulated image from: Glacken, Clarence J. 1967. Traces on the Rhodian Shore. Berkeley: University of California Press.


A $500 honorarium will be awarded to the winner of a creative writing contest hosted by the Experimental Geography Studio. The theme for the contest is "Digging Deep on the Rhodian Shore." 

In his magnum opus Traces on the Rhodian Shore, The mid-twentieth-century geographer Clarence Glacken recounts some details of the French Forest Ordinance of 1669.  Using Glacken's brief description of the ordinance as a starting point, delve into the cultural, economic, and/or spiritual effects of Louis XIV's law on the people living under his rule at that time.  In other words, how did it affect people's lived experiences? How might it have affected people's relationship to the forest or town landscapes?  Dig deep into the ambiguous to look for all sides of the story, not just one.  And not just two. Fiction, poetry, sci-fi, cli-fi, and creative non-fiction are welcome; however carefully consider which genre you or genres you choose might best tell or make visible the stories you are excavating.

Submissions should be between 2,000--5,000 words.  All authors are eligible, and there is no submission fee.  Please send your final work, along with your full curriculum vitae, to Nicholas Bauch <> and Gabriela Rios <> by February 20, 2017.  Stories will be judged by a faculty panel at the Studio.

The winner will be announced in April 2017, and will be invited to perform a reading of her or his work to the OU Geo-humanities community.