Habitats 2067: a Geographers Experience at the Exhibit

11 Nov. 2017

Dr. Nicholas Bauch had the opportunity to experience Montreal's Biosphere Environmental Museum this autumn. There he visited an exhibit called "Habitats 2067," where in a display of futuristic eco-responsible urban neighborhoods are located. On display are utopias, cabinets of curiosities, and objects of future city living.  

The Biosphere museum is located inside Buckminister Fuller's spherical, wall-less structure that he designed for the 1967 World Exposition. The structure sits on St. Helen's Island in the middle of St. Lawrence River. The island itself is a fabrication, built from landfill solely for the '67 Expo: as one museum plaque admits, it was a bad idea for the fluvial ecosystem. 

The tea hour focused on Bauch's experience visiting the exhibit and an informal discussion on future cities, urban nature, and the role of museums in bringing progressive environmental ideas to wide audiences.

For more information on the exhibit click HERE